Hello, I’m Mio. Today, I want to introduce one of my favorite places, Kitakata in Fukushima Prefecture. Known as “Little Kyoto,” Kitakata is a beautiful town full of history and tradition.

Kitakata is famous for its historic kura (storehouses) from the Edo period, with about 4,000 of them still standing. These storehouses were historically used for brewing soy sauce and sake, and many are now open to the public as tourist spots. Kitakata is also famous for its delicious ramen, with numerous ramen shops throughout the town.

How to Get There

Getting to Kitakata is easy. From Tokyo, take the Shinkansen to Koriyama Station (about 1 hour 20 minutes). From Koriyama, transfer to the Ban’etsu West Line for about an hour to Kitakata. There are also direct buses from Koriyama Station. If you’re driving, take the Tohoku Expressway and exit at Aizu-Wakamatsu IC for a smooth journey.

When you visit Kitakata, you can explore the historic kura, enjoy the beautiful scenery, immerse yourself in local culture and traditions, and savor delicious ramen. It’s a unique and special place that I highly recommend.

Come visit Kitakata and discover its timeless charm!

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