Akita for 2024

New Tourist Attractions in Akita for 2024

Here are some of the latest attractions in Akita Prefecture that you might find interesting:

1. Funoshi-no-taki Falls

Funoshi Falls is located in Kawabe, Akita City. This picturesque waterfall is known for its clear, emerald green water. The surrounding scenery changes with the seasons, offering beautiful new green leaves in spring and summer, vibrant colors in autumn, and a snow-covered landscape in winter. It’s a great spot for swimming and jumping from the top of the falls during summer.

2. Inaniwa Udon Factory

For those interested in local cuisine, visiting an Inaniwa udon factory is a must. Inaniwa udon is a famous type of udon noodle from Akita, known for being thinner than typical udon noodles. At the factory, you can watch the noodle-making process and even make your own noodles, which can be sent to your address to enjoy later.

3. Kakunodate Samurai District

Kakunodate, also known as “Little Kyoto,” is renowned for its well-preserved samurai houses and beautiful weeping cherry trees. Visitors can stroll through the historic streets, visit traditional samurai houses, and learn about the samurai way of life. The district is particularly enchanting during cherry blossom season【89†source】【91†source】.

4. Tazawako Ski Resort

Tazawako Ski Resort offers a fantastic winter sports experience with stunning views of Lake Tazawa. The resort caters to both beginners and experienced skiers, with a variety of runs and modern facilities, including ski lifts, rental shops, and cozy lodges. After a day on the slopes, visitors can relax in nearby hot springs.

These new attractions highlight the diverse natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Akita, making it a compelling destination for travelers in 2024.

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