Exploring Gunma with Mio


  1. Kusatsu Onsen:
    Mio visited Kusatsu Onsen, one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts. She enjoyed the unique yubatake (hot water field) and the variety of hot springs. “The hot springs are incredibly soothing and the yubatake is fascinating,” she said.
  2. Sainokawara Park:
    In Kusatsu, Mio also explored Sainokawara Park, known for its open-air baths and scenic beauty. “Bathing in nature is such a refreshing experience,” she noted.
  3. Netsunoyu:
    Mio watched the traditional yumomi performance at Netsunoyu, where hot spring water is cooled by stirring with wooden paddles. “The performance is unique and fun to watch,” she remarked.


  1. Takasaki Byakue Dai-Kannon:
    Mio visited the Takasaki Byakue Dai-Kannon, a massive statue of the Goddess of Mercy. She climbed inside the statue for a panoramic view of the city. “The view from the top is amazing and the statue itself is impressive,” she said.
  2. Daruma Market:
    In Takasaki, Mio explored the famous Daruma Market, where she bought a traditional Daruma doll. “It’s interesting to learn about the history and meaning behind the Daruma dolls,” she noted.
  3. Shorinzan Darumaji Temple:
    Mio visited Shorinzan Darumaji Temple, the birthplace of the Daruma doll tradition. “The temple has a peaceful atmosphere and rich history,” she commented.


  1. Minakami Onsen:
    Mio enjoyed the hot springs in Minakami Onsen, surrounded by beautiful mountains. “The combination of hot springs and mountain scenery is perfect for relaxation,” she remarked.
  2. Tanigawadake Ropeway:
    Mio took the Tanigawadake Ropeway to enjoy the stunning views of the Tanigawa mountain range. “The scenery from the ropeway is breathtaking,” she said.
  3. Rafting on the Tone River:
    Mio experienced the thrill of rafting on the Tone River in Minakami. “Rafting on the river is an exciting adventure and a great way to enjoy nature,” she exclaimed.


  1. Ikaho Onsen:
    Mio visited Ikaho Onsen, famous for its stone steps and hot springs. She enjoyed walking up the steps and soaking in the iron-rich waters. “The stone steps give the town a unique charm,” she noted.
  2. Ikaho Green Bokujo:
    At Ikaho Green Bokujo, a family-friendly farm, Mio had fun interacting with animals and trying fresh dairy products. “The farm is great for a relaxing day out,” she said.
  3. Mount Haruna:
    Mio hiked up Mount Haruna and enjoyed the view of Lake Haruna from the top. “The hike is invigorating and the view from the top is rewarding,” she commented.
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