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Tamba Sasayama City

Mio’s next trip took her to Tamba Sasayama City in Hyogo Prefecture, known as a “Little Kyoto” for its historic charm and rich cultural heritage.

Upon arriving in Tamba Sasayama, Mio first visited the ruins of Sasayama Castle. Built during the Edo period, the castle ruins impressed her with their grand structure and historical significance. From the ruins, she could enjoy a beautiful view of the city, which captivated her heart.

Next, Mio strolled through the traditional townhouses of Tamba Sasayama. This area is filled with buildings from the Edo period, and as she walked through the picturesque streets, she imagined what life was like in those times. She also visited local shops that sold traditional crafts and specialties, appreciating the craftsmanship and unique products of Sasayama.

Afterward, Mio tried her hand at pottery making at the Tamba Sasayama Tachikui Pottery area. This region is famous for its ceramics, and she enjoyed creating her own pottery piece, learning about the traditional techniques and the beauty of Sasayama’s pottery.

Finally, Mio took time to enjoy the natural beauty of Sasayama. Especially during the autumn season, the stunning fall colors left a strong impression on her, providing a sense of peace and tranquility.

Through this visit, Mio deeply appreciated the history, culture, and natural beauty of Tamba Sasayama City. The inspiration she gained from this trip will surely influence her future artistic endeavors.

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