Hello, I’m Mio. Today, I want to introduce one of my favorite places, Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture. Known as “Little Kyoto,” Kakunodate is a beautiful town with a rich history and stunning scenery.

In spring, the town is covered in cherry blossoms, turning everything pink. In autumn, the leaves change color, making it a perfect place for a walk. The main street is lined with samurai houses from the Edo period, giving you a glimpse into Japan’s past.

Kakunodate is also famous for traditional crafts made from cherry bark, called kabazaiku. These beautiful crafts are great souvenirs.

When you visit Kakunodate, you can explore historical buildings, enjoy the natural beauty, and learn about the town’s history at local museums. It’s a unique and special place that I highly recommend.

Come visit Kakunodate and experience its charm for yourself!

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