Kumano Kodo Trekking Guide

Hello, I’m Mio! Today, I will introduce the Kumano Kodo, located in Wakayama Prefecture. Known as an ancient pilgrimage route, the Kumano Kodo is rich in natural beauty and historical sites.

Course Overview

A popular trekking route on the Kumano Kodo is the Nakahechi Route. This route spans approximately 38 kilometers and can be walked over three days​. The total ascent is around 2,240 meters, making it a challenging trek, but the trail is well-maintained with accommodations and rest areas along the way.


  1. Takijiri-oji: The starting point of the trail, featuring a historical shrine and an information center. Here, you can obtain maps and prepare for your journey.
  2. Takahara: The endpoint of the first day, Takahara is a village with beautiful rural landscapes and mountain views. It also offers accommodation for a relaxing stay​ ​.
  3. Kumano Hongu Taisha: The final destination, Kumano Hongu Taisha, is an iconic shrine of the Kumano Kodo, offering breathtaking views and a sacred atmosphere​​.


To access the Kumano Kodo, take a train from Osaka to Kii-Tanabe Station, which takes about 2 hours. From there, take a bus to Takijiri-oji, which takes about 40 minutes. If using public transportation, you can walk from the nearest bus stop to the trailhead​​.

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