Kyoto Prefecture Beyond Kyoto City

Exploring Kyoto Prefecture with Mio: Beyond Kyoto City


  1. Byodo-in Temple:
    Mio visited Byodo-in Temple, famous for its Phoenix Hall. “The temple and its gardens are peaceful and beautiful,” she said.
  2. Uji River:
    Mio enjoyed a boat ride on the Uji River. “The river and surrounding landscape are serene and picturesque,” she noted.
  3. Uji Tea:
    Mio experienced a traditional tea ceremony in Uji. “The tea is rich and flavorful, and the ceremony is a wonderful cultural experience,” she commented.


  1. Fushimi Inari Taisha:
    Mio walked through the famous red torii gates. “Walking through the torii gates is a magical experience,” she remarked.
  2. Fushimi Sake District:
    Mio explored traditional sake breweries and tasted various sake. “The sake here is outstanding, and learning about its production is fascinating,” she said.
  3. Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum:
    Mio visited the museum to learn about the history of sake brewing. “The museum is very informative and offers great insights into sake culture,” she noted.


  1. Amanohashidate View Land:
    Mio took the chairlift to see the panoramic view of Amanohashidate. “The sandbar stretching across the bay is truly a sight to behold,” she said.
  2. Chion-ji Temple:
    Mio visited Chion-ji Temple near Amanohashidate. “The temple grounds are peaceful and beautifully maintained,” she commented.
  3. Boat Ride:
    Mio enjoyed a boat ride through the bay. “Seeing the sandbar from the boat gives a different and equally beautiful perspective,” she noted.


  1. Kayabuki no Sato:
    Mio explored this village known for its traditional thatched-roof houses. “The village feels like stepping back in time,” she said.
  2. Miyama no Megumi Milk Studio:
    Mio visited the milk studio to taste fresh milk and ice cream. “The milk and ice cream are delicious, and seeing how they are made is interesting,” she commented.
  3. Miyama Folklore Museum:
    Mio explored the museum showcasing local history and culture. “The museum offers a fascinating look into traditional life in Miyama,” she noted.


  1. Maizuru Brick Park:
    Mio visited this historical site with red-brick warehouses. “The beautiful brick buildings offer a unique glimpse into Japan’s industrial past,” she said.
  2. Goro Sky Tower:
    Mio went up the tower for a panoramic view of Maizuru Bay. “The view from the top is breathtaking,” she noted.
  3. Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum:
    Mio learned about the history of Japanese soldiers returning from overseas after World War II. “The museum’s exhibits are moving and provide important historical insights,” she commented.
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