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Exploring Nagano with Mio

Nagano City

  1. Zenko-ji Temple:
    Mio visited Zenko-ji Temple, one of Japan’s most important and popular temples. “The temple has a serene and spiritual atmosphere, and the history is fascinating,” she said.
  2. Togakushi Shrine:
    Mio explored Togakushi Shrine, known for its beautiful cedar-lined paths and ancient myths. “Walking through the towering cedars to the shrine is incredibly peaceful,” she noted.
  3. Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art:
    Mio enjoyed the Nagano Prefectural Museum of Art, which features local and international art. “The exhibits are diverse and there are many beautiful works,” she commented.


  1. Matsumoto Castle:
    Mio visited Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s premier historic castles. “The black and white castle is stunning, and the views from the top are spectacular,” she remarked.
  2. Nawate Street:
    Mio strolled along Nawate Street, a charming shopping street with a retro atmosphere. “The street is lined with interesting shops and delicious food,” she noted.
  3. Yohashira Shrine:
    Mio visited Yohashira Shrine, a beautiful and serene shrine in Matsumoto. “The shrine is peaceful and offers a great escape from the bustling city,” she said.


  1. Hakuba Valley:
    Mio enjoyed skiing and snowboarding in Hakuba Valley, a famous ski resort area. “The snow conditions are fantastic, and the scenery is breathtaking,” she commented.
  2. Happo Pond:
    Mio hiked to Happo Pond, known for its stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains. “The hike is challenging but worth it for the incredible views,” she noted.
  3. Hakuba Olympic Village:
    Mio explored the Hakuba Olympic Village, which hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics. “It’s fascinating to see the venues and learn about the Olympic history,” she said.


  1. Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza:
    Mio enjoyed shopping at the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, a large outlet mall. “The mall has a great selection of shops and beautiful surroundings,” she remarked.
  2. Shiraito Falls:
    Mio visited Shiraito Falls, a beautiful waterfall near Karuizawa. “The falls are serene and the surrounding nature is lush and green,” she said.
  3. Karuizawa Taliesin:
    Mio explored Karuizawa Taliesin, a recreational park with lakes, museums, and historical buildings. “The park is charming and offers a lot to see and do,” she noted.


  1. Lake Suwa:
    Mio admired the beauty of Lake Suwa, known for its stunning views and hot springs. “The lake is beautiful and the hot springs are very relaxing,” she said.
  2. Suwa Taisha:
    Mio visited Suwa Taisha, one of the oldest and most important shrines in Japan. “The shrine is impressive and steeped in history,” she commented.
  3. Takashima Castle:
    Mio explored Takashima Castle, a historic castle with beautiful gardens. “The castle grounds are peaceful and offer great views of the lake,” she noted.


  1. Ueda Castle:
    Mio visited Ueda Castle, known for its role in Japanese history and beautiful cherry blossoms. “The castle ruins are lovely, especially during cherry blossom season,” she said.
  2. Bessho Onsen:
    Mio relaxed at Bessho Onsen, a historic hot spring town. “The hot springs are very soothing, and the town has a charming old-world feel,” she commented.
  3. Anraku-ji Temple:
    Mio explored Anraku-ji Temple, famous for its octagonal pagoda. “The temple is serene and the architecture is unique and beautiful,” she noted.

By sharing Mio’s experiences in Nagano, readers can discover the diverse attractions and natural beauty of the region, making it an appealing travel destination.

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