Hello, I’m Mio. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite places, Sakurajima. Sakurajima is an active volcano located in Kagoshima Prefecture. It’s a dynamic place where you can feel the power of nature. Let’s explore the beauty of Sakurajima together!

Chapter 1: Overview of Sakurajima

Sakurajima is an active volcano in Kagoshima Bay. It stands 1,117 meters tall and is known for its frequent eruptions. You can see Sakurajima clearly from Kagoshima City. It is a symbol of Kagoshima and loved by many people.

Chapter 2: History and Fun Facts

Sakurajima formed about 13,000 years ago. The most famous eruption happened in 1914, known as the Taisho Eruption. This eruption caused many residents to evacuate and connected Sakurajima to the Osumi Peninsula. The “Buried Torii Gate” is a famous spot that shows how powerful the eruption was.

Fun Facts:

  • Sakurajima erupts hundreds of times a year, and its ash is known as “Sakurajima Ash.”
  • Sakurajima has many hot springs, which are popular with both locals and tourists.

Chapter 3: Recommended Activities

1. Yunohira Observatory

Yunohira Observatory is located 373 meters above sea level. From here, you can see the summit of Sakurajima and Kagoshima City. The view is especially beautiful at sunset when the sky turns orange.

2. Buried Torii Gate

The Buried Torii Gate was covered by the 1914 eruption. It shows the power of the eruption and gives a sense of Sakurajima’s natural strength.

3. Sakurajima Visitor Center

The Sakurajima Visitor Center offers detailed information about Sakurajima’s history and eruptions. It’s a great place to learn about volcanoes and geology.

4. Trekking

Sakurajima has many trekking courses for beginners to advanced hikers. The Lava Trail is a popular course where you can see the volcanic landscape up close.

5. Hot Springs

There are many hot springs on Sakurajima. The Sakurajima Magma Hot Spring is a popular spot with plenty of hot water and beautiful views.

6. Sakurajima Ferry

The Sakurajima Ferry connects Kagoshima City and Sakurajima. From the ferry, you can enjoy beautiful views of Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima. The night view of Sakurajima is particularly stunning.

Chapter 4: Seasonal Information


In spring, Sakurajima is full of fresh green leaves and cherry blossoms. The weather is mild, making it a great time for trekking and walking.


In summer, you can enjoy a sea cruise from the ferry or sightseeing boat. The cool sea breeze is refreshing.


In autumn, the leaves turn beautiful colors, especially around Yunohira Observatory. The clear air makes trekking very enjoyable.


In winter, Sakurajima’s snowy landscape is beautiful. Enjoy the hot springs while taking in the winter views. Note that volcanic activity is not much affected by seasons or weather, so eruptions can occur year-round.

Chapter 5: Nearby Attractions

1. Kagoshima City

Kagoshima City has many attractions and is the main gateway to Sakurajima. The Tenmonkan area has many great local restaurants.

2. Sengan-en

Sengan-en is a beautiful garden that belonged to the Shimazu family. It offers stunning views of Sakurajima as a backdrop.

3. Chiran

Chiran is home to the Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots and beautiful samurai gardens. It’s a place rich in history and culture.

Chapter 6: Transportation Access

You can get to Sakurajima by ferry from Kagoshima City. The ferry ride from Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima takes about 15 minutes. You can enjoy the view of Sakurajima from the ferry. Please check the transportation details in advance, as they may change.


Sakurajima is a place where you can enjoy dynamic nature and various activities. Please visit Sakurajima and experience its charm. Thank you for reading! See you next time!

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