Hello, I’m Mio. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite places, Utsukushigahara. Utsukushigahara is a beautiful highland located in Nagano Prefecture. It offers stunning views and rich history. Let’s explore the beauty of Utsukushigahara together!

Chapter 1: Overview of Utsukushigahara

Utsukushigahara is a highland in Nagano Prefecture known for its beautiful scenery and rich natural environment. You can enjoy different landscapes throughout the seasons, making it a perfect spot for hiking and trekking.

Chapter 2: History and Fun Facts

Utsukushigahara has been loved by people for a long time. The name means “beautiful highland.” It is 2,034 meters above sea level and was once used for grazing livestock. Now, it is a popular tourist destination.

Fun Facts:

  • Utsukushigahara is one of Japan’s largest highlands, covering about 1,000 hectares.
  • Utsukushigahara Open-Air Museum features unique outdoor sculptures.

Chapter 3: Recommended Activities

1. Utsukushigahara Open-Air Museum

The Utsukushigahara Open-Air Museum displays outdoor sculptures in a vast area. You can enjoy art and nature together as you walk through the museum. On a clear day, you can see beautiful mountain views.

2. Utsukushi-no-Tou

Utsukushi-no-Tou is a symbolic tower of Utsukushigahara. It stands at 2,034 meters above sea level. From the observation deck, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view. The view at sunrise and sunset is especially breathtaking.

3. Ougatou

Ougatou is the highest point in Utsukushigahara at 2,034 meters. From here, you can see distant mountains and the entire Utsukushigahara landscape. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji. It is a popular spot for photography and is part of the trekking courses.

4. Trekking

Utsukushigahara has many trekking courses for all levels. Beginners can enjoy the course from the Nature Conservation Center to Utsukushi-no-Tou. This course takes about 1.5 hours and offers beautiful grassland views.

5. Cycling

There are cycling courses in Utsukushigahara where you can enjoy riding a bike through the vast highlands. You can rent bicycles and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

6. Bird Watching

Utsukushigahara is known for its bird population. In spring and autumn, you can see many different types of birds. Bring your binoculars and explore the natural beauty of Utsukushigahara.

7. Picnicking

The wide-open grasslands of Utsukushigahara are perfect for picnicking. Bring your favorite food and enjoy a relaxing day in the fresh air.

Chapter 4: Seasonal Information


In spring, Utsukushigahara is covered with fresh green leaves and blooming flowers. The weather is mild, making it perfect for exploring.


Summer is a great time to enjoy the cool climate of the highlands. You can hike while enjoying the beautiful mountain views.


Autumn brings stunning fall colors to Utsukushigahara. The mountains turn red and yellow, offering a beautiful backdrop for trekking.


In winter, Utsukushigahara is covered in snow, creating a magical winter landscape. You can enjoy snowshoeing and walking in the quiet, snowy fields.

Chapter 5: Nearby Attractions

1. Matsumoto City

Matsumoto City is the main gateway to Utsukushigahara. It is known for Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s most beautiful castles. The city also has many great restaurants and shops.

2. Asama Hot Springs

Asama Hot Springs is a great place to relax after a day of trekking. The hot springs offer beautiful views of the mountains and are perfect for soaking away any fatigue.

3. Kamikochi

Kamikochi is a beautiful mountain resort area near Utsukushigahara. It offers stunning views and great hiking opportunities.

Chapter 6: Transportation Access

You can get to Utsukushigahara by taking a train to Matsumoto Station, then a bus to Utsukushigahara Open-Air Museum. If you prefer driving, take Route 158 from Matsumoto IC. Please check the transportation details in advance, as they may change.


Utsukushigahara is a place where you can enjoy beautiful nature and a variety of activities. Please visit Utsukushigahara and experience its charm. Thank you for reading! See you next time!

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