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Exploring Aichi Prefecture with Mio

Nagoya City

  1. Nagoya Castle:
    Mio visited Nagoya Castle and admired its impressive architecture and the golden shachihoko. “The castle is grand, and the view of the city from the top is wonderful,” she said.
  2. Atsuta Shrine:
    Mio explored Atsuta Shrine, one of Japan’s most important shrines. “The shrine has a sacred and tranquil atmosphere,” she noted.
  3. Osu Shopping District:
    Mio enjoyed shopping at Osu Shopping District, where traditional and modern stores mix. “The district is lively, with lots of interesting shops to discover,” she commented.

Inuyama City

  1. Inuyama Castle:
    Mio visited Inuyama Castle, one of the oldest surviving castles in Japan. “The view from the top of the castle is breathtaking,” she said.
  2. Urakuen Garden:
    Mio strolled through Urakuen Garden, which features a traditional tea house. “The garden is beautifully designed and very peaceful,” she remarked.
  3. Little World Museum of Man:
    Mio explored the Little World Museum of Man, an open-air museum showcasing cultures from around the world. “The exhibits are fascinating and offer a glimpse into various cultures,” she noted.

Toyota City

  1. Toyota Kaikan Museum:
    Mio visited the Toyota Kaikan Museum to learn about the history and technology of Toyota. “The museum is informative, showcasing innovative technologies,” she said.
  2. Korankei Gorge:
    Mio hiked in Korankei Gorge, especially enjoying the autumn foliage. “The scenery is beautiful, especially in the fall,” she remarked.
  3. Sanage Onsen:
    Mio relaxed at Sanage Onsen, enjoying the therapeutic hot springs. “The onsen is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation,” she commented.

Tokoname City

  1. Pottery Footpath:
    Mio walked along the Pottery Footpath, visiting pottery shops and kilns. “The craftsmanship and variety of pottery are impressive,” she said.
  2. INAX Live Museum:
    Mio explored the INAX Live Museum, learning about the history and techniques of ceramics and tiles. “The exhibits are unique and very educational,” she noted.
  3. Noborigama Kiln:
    Mio visited the famous Noborigama Kiln in Tokoname and learned about its importance in pottery production. “The kiln is an interesting part of industrial history,” she remarked.

Gamagori City

  1. Laguna Ten Bosch:
    Mio enjoyed the attractions at Laguna Ten Bosch, a theme park and resort. “The park is fun with a variety of entertainment options,” she said.
  2. Takeshima Island:
    Mio explored Takeshima Island, connected to the mainland by a bridge, enjoying its serene beauty. “The island is peaceful and the scenery is very beautiful,” she noted.
  3. Gamagori Orange Park:
    Mio experienced fruit picking at Gamagori Orange Park, enjoying fresh oranges. “The fruit is delicious, and the activity is very enjoyable,” she commented.
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