Aichi 2

Exploring Aichi with Mio


  1. Nonhoi Park:
    Mio visited Nonhoi Park, enjoying the diverse animals and plants. “The animals are lively, and the park is spacious, making it a great place to spend the day,” she said.
  2. Futagawa Shuku Honjin Museum:
    Mio explored this historic inn town, learning about its history and culture. “You can really feel the atmosphere of the Edo period here,” she remarked.
  3. Yoshida Castle:
    Mio explored Yoshida Castle, a symbol of Toyohashi, and learned about its history. “The castle ruins are beautifully maintained as a park, perfect for a stroll,” she commented.


  1. Seto-Gura Museum:
    Mio visited the Seto-Gura Museum to learn about the history and techniques of Seto ceramics. “The exhibits are fascinating and really convey the charm of Seto ware,” she said.
  2. Fukagawa Shrine:
    Mio enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful architecture of Fukagawa Shrine in Seto. “The shrine is very peaceful and refreshing,” she noted.
  3. Seto-Gura:
    Mio participated in a pottery-making experience at Seto-Gura. “It’s a lot of fun to make your own pottery and take it home,” she commented.


  1. Handa Red Brick Building:
    Mio visited this historic red brick building, enjoying its beautiful architecture and museum. “The building itself is very charming, and the exhibits are interesting,” she said.
  2. Mizkan Museum:
    Mio explored the Mizkan Museum, learning about the history and production process of vinegar. “Learning how vinegar is made and its history was very intriguing,” she remarked.
  3. Handa Canal:
    Mio strolled along the Handa Canal, enjoying the beautiful scenery. “Walking along the canal is very relaxing,” she commented【276†source】【277†source】【278†source】.


  1. Denpark:
    Mio enjoyed various activities at Denpark, connecting with nature. “The park is large and perfect for families,” she said.
  2. Anjo Tanabata Festival:
    Mio participated in the Anjo Tanabata Festival, enjoying the beautiful decorations and events. “The festival atmosphere is very fun and vibrant,” she noted.
  3. Jozanen:
    Mio visited Jozanen, enjoying the beautiful Japanese garden. “The garden is peaceful and a great place to relax,” she commented.


  1. Okazaki Castle Ruins:
    Mio visited the Okazaki Castle ruins, enjoying the history and beautiful gardens. “The castle ruins are a great historical site, and the gardens are beautiful,” she said.
  2. Okazaki Park:
    Mio strolled through Okazaki Park, enjoying the cherry blossoms and seasonal flowers. “The park is spacious and perfect for enjoying nature,” she noted.
  3. Hatcho Miso no Sato:
    Mio visited Hatcho Miso no Sato, learning about the traditional miso-making process. “The aroma and history of miso are a wonderful experience,” she remarked.
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