Autumn in Miyagi

Harmony of Tradition and Nature

Next, Miwa sought the colorful autumn landscapes in Miyagi Prefecture, a place where tradition and natural beauty harmonize, offering her new discoveries and emotions.

Arriving in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, Miwa first visited the ruins of Sendai Castle, feeling the history of Date Masamune. The view from the castle ruins offered a panorama of Sendai and its surrounding nature, teaching her the beauty of the changing seasons.

Miyagi is also known for its beautiful coastline and rich seafood, so Miwa visited Matsushima Bay. The scenic beauty of Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, moved her with its natural artistry.

Visiting local markets and enjoying fresh seafood and autumn flavors became part of Miwa’s journey. Through interactions with locals, she deeply engaged with Miyagi’s culture and daily life.

Her days in autumnal Miyagi allowed Miwa to deeply experience the beauty of harmony woven by tradition and nature. The experiences in this place provided new perspectives and inspiration for her art, illuminating the path to her next journey.

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