Summer in Shizuoka

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Tea Fields and the Scenery of Mount Fuji

In the summer sun, Mio next visited Shizuoka Prefecture, known for its rich nature and culture, especially the beautiful tea fields and views of Mount Fuji.

Upon arriving in Shizuoka, Mio first explored the tea plantations. Walking through the verdant tea fields, she learned about the history and culture of Japanese tea and also experienced tea picking. The majestic view of Mount Fuji from the tea fields left a deep impression on her heart.

Mio also explored the coastline of Shizuoka, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Suruga Bay. The landscape where the sea meets the mountains conveyed the natural allure of Shizuoka strongly to her.

Local cuisine was an indispensable experience in Shizuoka. Mio tasted dishes made with fresh seafood from Shizuoka and the region’s special green vegetables, experiencing the richness of local food culture.

Her time in summer Shizuoka was a precious experience for Mio, feeling the fusion of nature and culture. The beautiful tea fields, the scenery of Mount Fuji, and the life of the local people added a new chapter to her travel memories, continually inspiring her art.

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