Chiba 1

Exploring Chiba with Mio


  1. Inubosaki Lighthouse:
    Mio visited Inubosaki Lighthouse in Choshi, enjoying the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. “The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking,” she said.
  2. Choshi Electric Railway:
    Mio took a ride on the charming Choshi Electric Railway, known for its retro feel. “The ride is nostalgic and the scenery is beautiful,” she noted.
  3. Choshi Fish Market:
    Mio explored the Choshi Fish Market, tasting fresh seafood and experiencing the lively market atmosphere. “The seafood here is incredibly fresh and delicious,” she remarked.


  1. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple:
    Mio visited Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, a large and historic temple complex. “The temple is peaceful and has a rich history,” she commented.
  2. Naritasan Park:
    Mio strolled through Naritasan Park, enjoying the serene ponds and beautiful gardens. “The park is a tranquil escape from the city,” she said.
  3. Narita Omotesando Street:
    Mio explored Narita Omotesando Street, lined with traditional shops and restaurants. “The street is full of charming shops and tasty treats,” she noted.


  1. Funabashi Andersen Park:
    Mio visited Funabashi Andersen Park, themed after the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. “The park is great for families and has a lot of fun activities,” she remarked.
  2. Lalaport TOKYO-BAY:
    Mio enjoyed shopping at Lalaport TOKYO-BAY, one of Japan’s largest shopping malls. “There’s a huge variety of shops and restaurants to explore,” she said.


  1. Nokogiriyama:
    Mio hiked up Nokogiriyama, enjoying the panoramic views from the top and the giant Buddha statue. “The hike is rewarding and the views are stunning,” she noted.
  2. Tateyama Castle:
    Mio visited Tateyama Castle and its surrounding park. “The castle is beautiful and the park is perfect for a relaxing stroll,” she said.
  3. Tateyama Bay:
    Mio enjoyed the scenic beauty of Tateyama Bay, taking in the views of the coastline and clear blue water. “The bay is picturesque and peaceful,” she remarked.


  1. Mother Farm:
    Mio had fun at Mother Farm, enjoying the petting zoo, flower fields, and fresh dairy products. “The farm is perfect for a day out with family,” she said.
  2. Kisarazu Outlet Park:
    Mio shopped at Kisarazu Outlet Park, finding great deals on various brands. “The outlet has a wide range of shops and good discounts,” she noted.
  3. Umihotaru:
    Mio visited Umihotaru, a unique rest area located on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. “The views of the bay and the experience of being on the water are unique,” she commented.
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