Kanagawa 2

Exploring More of Kanagawa with Mio


  1. Odawara Castle:
    Mio visited Odawara Castle, enjoying its history and beautiful gardens. “The castle and its surroundings are truly impressive,” she said.
  2. Odawara Fish Center:
    Mio enjoyed fresh seafood at the Odawara Fish Center. “The fresh seafood here is absolutely amazing,” she remarked.
  3. Odawara Flower Garden:
    Mio explored the Odawara Flower Garden, admiring the seasonal blooms. “The garden is full of vibrant, colorful flowers,” she noted.

Miura Peninsula

  1. Misaki Port:
    Mio visited Misaki Port, famous for its tuna dishes. “The tuna here is top-notch and incredibly fresh,” she said.
  2. Jogashima Island:
    Mio explored Jogashima Island, visiting its lighthouse and nature park. “The island offers beautiful views of the sea and nature,” she commented.
  3. Aburatsubo Marine Park:
    Mio enjoyed dolphin and sea lion shows at Aburatsubo Marine Park. “The shows are fun and educational,” she remarked.


  1. Enoden Train:
    Mio took the Enoden train, enjoying the scenic views along the route. “The views from the train, especially along the coast, are stunning,” she said.
  2. Enoshima Island Spa:
    Mio relaxed at Enoshima Island Spa, enjoying the hot springs and spa facilities. “The spa is the perfect place to unwind,” she noted.
  3. Terrace Mall Shonan:
    Mio shopped at Terrace Mall Shonan, enjoying the spacious mall and variety of stores. “Shopping here is so much fun,” she commented.

Sagami Lake

  1. Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest:
    Mio had fun at Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest, enjoying the amusement park and outdoor activities. “There are lots of fun attractions for families,” she said.
  2. Sagami Lake Illumillion:
    Mio admired the nighttime illuminations at Sagami Lake Illumillion. “The lights are beautiful and create a magical atmosphere,” she noted.
  3. Sagami Lake Canoeing:
    Mio enjoyed canoeing on Sagami Lake, taking in the beautiful scenery. “Canoeing on the lake is very relaxing,” she commented.
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