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How This Book Was Made

This book was created using WordPress. We asked ChatGPT for ideas on what to introduce about Japan to people overseas. ChatGPT gave us specific ideas, which we wrote in Japanese. We checked everything online for accuracy and made corrections as needed. Next, we translated the text into simple, easy-to-understand English. Finally, we used DALL-E to create AI images based on the text. According to OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and DALL-E, the works generated by these tools belong to the person who generated them. This is how this book was made.

On our WordPress site,, you can listen to all the English text with automatic voice. You can also use recent browsers to automatically translate the text into any language. Please visit our website along with reading this book.

Purpose of This Book

“Little Kyoto” refers to towns and regions in Japan that resemble the atmosphere and culture of Kyoto. While there are no official criteria for selection, areas generally called “Little Kyoto” tend to have the following characteristics:

Criteria for Selecting “Little Kyoto”

  1. Historical Background:
    • The town has a long history and traditions.
    • There are ancient cultural sites and ruins.
  2. Traditional Townscape:
    • The area has traditional buildings and streets similar to Kyoto.
    • There are well-preserved old houses, shops, shrines, and temples.
  3. Cultural Similarities:
    • The region shares cultural elements with Kyoto.
    • There are local festivals, traditional arts, and crafts.
  4. Scenery:
    • The area boasts beautiful natural landscapes and gardens.
    • Visitors can enjoy seasonal views.
  5. Tourism Resources:
    • The town is attractive to tourists and has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate them.
    • There are well-maintained tourist facilities and guides.

This book mainly introduces tourist destinations recognized as “Little Kyoto,” but also features other locations where visitors can fully enjoy the charm of Japan.

Through this book, we aim to help readers discover hidden gems across Japan and inspire them to visit. By showcasing not only areas known as “Little Kyoto” but also other similarly attractive places, we hope to enhance appreciation for Japan’s culture and scenery.

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