Hello, I’m Mio. This guidebook will provide you with information on enjoying Japan’s beautiful nature through trekking. My mission is to travel across Japan and share its charm with the world. In this book, we will explore scenic spots such as the Nakasendo and Aokigahara, which combine history and nature.

On our website,, we offer monthly free images, including pictures of me, Mio, and original images generated by DALL-E. Please feel free to share these with your family and friends. According to OpenAI’s guidelines, the copyright for these images belongs to ChatPressJapan, but you are free to use them for personal or commercial purposes. However, any use that violates public order and morals is strictly prohibited.

About This Guidebook

Japan has many beautiful landscapes throughout the year, making it a perfect place for trekking. This book introduces various trekking courses for beginners to advanced hikers. Each course includes detailed route information, highlights, access methods, and seasonal tips. Additionally, safety advice and local tips are provided to ensure you enjoy your adventure.

The Appeal of Trekking

Trekking is more than just walking; it’s a wonderful time to feel connected with nature and refresh your mind and body. By exploring historical trails and beautiful scenery, you can rediscover the depth of Japan’s culture and nature. For example, on the Nakasendo, you can experience the atmosphere of the Edo period, and in Aokigahara, you can enjoy its unique geology and tranquility.

About the Images

The images in this book are all created by DALL-E from text prompts and may not reflect the actual scenery. These images are designed to convey the atmosphere of the trekking courses and tourist spots. The actual landscapes and facilities can vary significantly depending on the season and weather, so please keep that in mind.

About the Sources

The content of this book is based on information carefully selected from a vast amount of data by ChatGPT. Additionally, Japanese staff have conducted further research via the internet to enhance the accuracy of the information. The book is written based on the latest data and reliable sources as of 2024.

Copyright Information

The content and original images in this book are copyrighted by ChatPressJapan, based on the guidelines of OpenAI.


I sincerely thank everyone who picked up this book. I hope you enjoy exploring Japan’s wonderful trekking courses with me and fully appreciate their charm. Let’s embark on an adventure together!


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