Thank you for reading this guidebook to the end. I hope it has been helpful for your trekking adventures and that you have enjoyed exploring Japan’s beautiful nature with me.

Trekking allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and refresh your mind and body by connecting with nature. Whether it’s walking the historic Nakasendo or discovering the unique features of Aokigahara, I hope you have found new discoveries and moments of wonder on your journeys.

In the next guidebook, I plan to introduce even more exciting trekking courses. From the breathtaking views of the Northern Alps to the pilgrimage routes of Shikoku and the volcanic landscapes of Kyushu, there are many more amazing places to explore. We’ll also delve deeper into the local cultures and traditions, expanding the joys of trekking.

I look forward to our next adventure together. New discoveries and encounters await us. Let’s continue exploring the beautiful nature of Japan together.

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