Kintaro (The Golden Boy)

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Kintaro (The Golden Boy)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Kintaro. He was very strong and was known for his golden-colored skin. Kintaro lived with his mother in a small house in the mountains.

Kintaro was no ordinary boy. He was extremely strong, even as a child. He could lift heavy rocks and uproot big trees with his bare hands. He loved nature and was friends with all the animals in the forest.

One day, Kintaro decided to have a sumo wrestling match with the animals. He wrestled with a bear, a deer, a monkey, and a rabbit. Even though they were strong, Kintaro always won, but he was very gentle and never hurt them. The animals loved Kintaro for his kindness and strength.

One day, while Kintaro was playing in the forest, he met a samurai named Raiko. Raiko was impressed by Kintaro’s strength and asked him to become a samurai. Kintaro agreed because he wanted to use his strength to help people.

Kintaro said goodbye to his mother and animal friends and went with Raiko. He trained hard and became a strong and brave samurai. He fought many battles and protected many people, becoming a hero.

This story teaches us about the importance of strength, kindness, and bravery, and how these qualities can help us protect and help others.

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