Momotaro (Peach Boy)

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Momotaro (Peach Boy)

Once upon a time, there was an old man and an old woman who lived in a small village. They had no children and were very lonely. One day, the old woman went to the river to wash clothes. As she was washing, she saw a giant peach floating down the river. She thought it looked delicious, so she took it home.

When she and the old man tried to cut the peach open, they were surprised to find a baby boy inside! They were overjoyed and decided to raise the boy as their own. They named him Momotaro, which means “Peach Boy.”

Momotaro grew up to be a strong and brave young man. One day, he heard that a group of ogres (called “oni”) were causing trouble, stealing treasures, and harming people in a distant island. He decided to go and defeat the ogres to bring peace to the land.

The old man and old woman were worried but proud of his courage. They gave him some millet dumplings (called “kibi dango”) for his journey. Momotaro set off on his adventure.

Along the way, Momotaro met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. They were all hungry, so he gave each of them a piece of his millet dumplings. In return, they decided to join him on his mission to defeat the ogres.

When they reached the island, Momotaro and his animal friends bravely fought the ogres. The dog bit, the monkey scratched, and the pheasant pecked at the ogres, while Momotaro fought with all his strength. Together, they defeated the ogres and took back all the treasures that had been stolen.

Momotaro and his friends returned to the village with the treasures. The people were very grateful, and the old man and old woman were very proud of their son. Momotaro became a hero, and the village lived in peace and happiness from then on.

This story teaches us about bravery, kindness, and the importance of teamwork.

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