Exploring Niigata with Mio

Niigata City

  1. Bandai Bridge:
    Mio visited the iconic Bandai Bridge, a symbol of Niigata City. “The bridge offers beautiful views of the Shinano River,” she said.
  2. Minato Inari Shrine:
    Mio explored Minato Inari Shrine, known for its vibrant red torii gates. “The shrine has a peaceful and serene atmosphere,” she noted.
  3. Ponshukan:
    Mio enjoyed tasting various sake at Ponshukan, a unique sake tasting and shopping center located in Niigata Station. “The variety and quality of sake here are impressive,” she commented.

Sado Island

  1. Taraibune (Tub Boat) Rides:
    Mio experienced a traditional taraibune ride, a unique type of wooden tub boat, in the crystal-clear waters of Sado Island. “The boat ride is a fun and unique experience,” she said.
  2. Sado Gold Mine Ruins:
    Mio explored the historic Sado Gold Mine Ruins, learning about its history and walking through the tunnels. “The gold mine ruins offer a fascinating glimpse into the past,” she noted.
  3. Ogi Peninsula:
    Mio admired the rugged coastline and beautiful scenery of the Ogi Peninsula. “The natural beauty of the peninsula is breathtaking,” she remarked.


  1. Myoko Kogen:
    Mio enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at Myoko Kogen, a popular winter sports destination. “The powder snow and variety of slopes are perfect for winter sports enthusiasts,” she said.
  2. Naena Falls:
    Mio visited Naena Falls, known for its impressive height and beautiful surroundings. “The falls are majestic and the area is very peaceful,” she noted.
  3. Myoko Onsen:
    Mio relaxed in the hot springs of Myoko Onsen, enjoying the soothing thermal waters. “The hot springs are very relaxing and rejuvenating,” she commented.


  1. Hoshitoge Rice Terraces:
    Mio visited the Hoshitoge Rice Terraces, a stunning landscape of terraced fields. “The terraces are especially beautiful in the morning mist,” she said.
  2. Echigo-Tsumari Art Field:
    Mio explored the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, an open-air art festival showcasing contemporary artworks in rural settings. “The integration of art and nature here is incredible,” she noted.
  3. Kiyotsu Gorge:
    Mio walked through the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel, enjoying the dramatic rock formations and beautiful scenery. “The gorge is a natural wonder and the tunnel offers amazing views,” she remarked.


  1. Gala Yuzawa:
    Mio enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at Gala Yuzawa, a ski resort with direct access from the Shinkansen station. “The convenience and great slopes make it a perfect ski destination,” she said.
  2. Yuzawa Onsen:
    Mio relaxed in the hot springs of Yuzawa Onsen, appreciating the warm, healing waters. “The onsen here are perfect for unwinding after a day on the slopes,” she noted.
  3. Ponshukan (Yuzawa):
    Mio visited the Ponshukan in Yuzawa Station, sampling different types of sake. “The sake tasting experience here is fun and educational,” she commented.
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