Exploring Toyama with Mio

Toyama City

  1. Toyama Castle:
    Mio visited Toyama Castle, exploring its museum and enjoying the surrounding park. “The castle offers a great view of the city and a glimpse into Toyama’s history,” she said.
  2. Fugan Canal Kansui Park:
    Mio strolled through Fugan Canal Kansui Park, known for its beautiful scenery and Starbucks coffee shop with stunning views. “The park is a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy nature,” she noted.
  3. Toyama Glass Art Museum:
    Mio admired contemporary glass artworks at the Toyama Glass Art Museum. “The intricate glass pieces and modern architecture are impressive,” she commented.


  1. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route:
    Mio experienced the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a scenic mountain route that includes the famous snow corridor. “The views of the mountains and the snow walls are breathtaking,” she said.
  2. Kurobe Dam:
    Mio visited Kurobe Dam, Japan’s tallest dam, and took a boat ride on the reservoir. “The scale of the dam and the surrounding scenery are awe-inspiring,” she noted.
  3. Mikurigaike Pond:
    Mio enjoyed the serene beauty of Mikurigaike Pond, a volcanic crater lake along the Alpine Route. “The pond reflects the mountains perfectly, creating a stunning view,” she remarked.


  1. Zuiryuji Temple:
    Mio explored Zuiryuji Temple, a national treasure known for its beautiful wooden architecture. “The temple’s design and tranquility are truly captivating,” she said.
  2. Takaoka Great Buddha:
    Mio visited the Takaoka Great Buddha, one of Japan’s three great Buddha statues. “The statue is impressive in size and detail,” she commented.
  3. Kanaya-machi:
    Mio walked through Kanaya-machi, an old town area known for its traditional buildings and copperware shops. “The historical atmosphere and crafts are fascinating,” she noted.


  1. Himi Banya-gai:
    Mio enjoyed fresh seafood at Himi Banya-gai, a market known for its high-quality fish. “The seafood here is incredibly fresh and delicious,” she said.
  2. Amaharashi Coast:
    Mio admired the scenic beauty of Amaharashi Coast, with its clear waters and view of the Tateyama Mountains. “The coast is picturesque and perfect for a relaxing walk,” she remarked.
  3. Himi Fishing Port:
    Mio explored Himi Fishing Port, watching the fishermen at work and enjoying the lively atmosphere. “The port is bustling and full of life,” she commented.


  1. Unazuki Onsen:
    Mio relaxed at Unazuki Onsen, a hot spring resort known for its clear waters and beautiful surroundings. “The onsen is perfect for unwinding and enjoying nature,” she said.
  2. Kurobe Gorge Railway:
    Mio took a scenic ride on the Kurobe Gorge Railway, passing through stunning gorges and forests. “The views from the train are spectacular and unique,” she noted.
  3. Sarutobi Gorge:
    Mio visited Sarutobi Gorge, enjoying the dramatic rock formations and clear river waters. “The gorge is a hidden gem with incredible natural beauty,” she remarked.
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