Lake Shikotsu Trekking Guide

Hello, I’m Mio! Today, I will introduce Lake Shikotsu, located in Hokkaido. Known for its beautiful nature and various activities, Lake Shikotsu is perfect for trekking. Here’s a 2-minute guide to trekking around Lake Shikotsu.

Course Overview

A popular trekking route around Lake Shikotsu is the trail to Mount Tarumae. Mount Tarumae is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes, offering stunning views of Lake Shikotsu and the surrounding mountains. The trail to the summit is relatively short but steep, taking about an hour to climb. You can also circle the crater in about two hours, but entry into the crater is prohibited due to poisonous gase​.


  1. Lake Shikotsu: Lake Shikotsu is Japan’s second deepest lake, known for its clear waters and scenic beauty. Visitors can enjoy activities such as boat rentals, cycling, and scuba diving.
  2. Mount Tarumae: Located on the southern shore, Mount Tarumae offers spectacular views from the summit. In summer, there are many campsites where you can enjoy barbecues and fireworks.
  3. Hot Springs: On the northern shore, Marukoma Onsen offers lakeside hot spring baths accessible to non-staying visitors. Relax in the open-air baths while enjoying the beautiful lake views​​.


  • Wear trekking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Check the latest weather forecast and take safety precautions.
  • Take your trash with you to help protect the environment.


To access Lake Shikotsu, it is about a 1-hour drive from Sapporo or a 1-hour bus ride from New Chitose Airport. Having a car makes it easier to reach various trailheads around the lake.

Enjoy your trekking adventure at Lake Shikotsu and create wonderful memories!

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