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Exploring the Flower Paradise: Tsurugi-san

Hello, I’m Mio. Today, I want to share with you the beauty of Tsurugi-san, one of my favorite mountains in Japan.

Basic Information about Tsurugi-san

Tsurugi-san is located in the Shikoku region of Japan and stands at 1,955 meters (6,414 feet). It is the second-highest mountain in the Shikoku Mountains and is situated in Tokushima Prefecture. Known for its rich natural beauty and historical significance, Tsurugi-san is a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers.

Nature and Alpine Plants of Tsurugi-san

Tsurugi-san is famous for its diverse alpine plants that bloom from spring to summer. Beautiful flowers like the Shiroyashio Azalea and Kirengeshoma cover the mountain, delighting visitors. In autumn, the entire mountain is painted with vibrant fall colors, offering breathtaking seasonal views.

Hiking Routes

There are several hiking routes to reach the summit of Tsurugi-san. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Minokoshi Route: This is the most popular route, starting from Minokoshi and leading to the summit. The trail is well-maintained and suitable for beginners. Along the way, there is the Tsurugi-sanchō Hyutte mountain hut, where you can rest or stay overnight.
  • Lift Route from Minokoshi: You can take a lift from Minokoshi to Nishijima Station, then hike to the summit. This route saves energy and offers a scenic ride up the mountain.
  • Jirogyu Route: This challenging route connects Tsurugi-san to the neighboring Jirogyu peak. It is ideal for experienced hikers who want to enjoy the stunning ridge views.

Mountain Huts and Facilities

Tsurugi-san has several mountain huts and rest spots. Here are some notable ones:

  • Tsurugi-sanchō Hyutte: Located near the summit, this mountain hut offers lodging and light meals. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the mountain views.
  • Nishijima Rest Area: This rest area is accessible via the lift from Minokoshi and is located midway up the mountain. It’s a convenient spot for a break and light snacks.

Scenic Views and Highlights

From the summit of Tsurugi-san, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Shikoku Mountains. On clear days, you might even see the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Near the summit, there is a small shrine called Tsurugi-sanchō Hokora, where visitors pray for safety.


The most common way to access Tsurugi-san is from Mima City or Naka Town in Tokushima Prefecture. You can reach the trailhead at Minokoshi by bus or car from Tokushima City. The roads to Minokoshi are well-maintained, making for a pleasant drive.


Tsurugi-san is a beautiful mountain known for its rich nature, diverse hiking routes, and stunning scenery. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, there’s something for everyone. The alpine plant season from spring to summer attracts many visitors. I, Mio, am captivated by the beauty of Tsurugi-san and hope you get the chance to experience it too. Enjoy your hike!

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