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Mio’s next journey took her to Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture, known for its historical charm, cultural heritage, and its famous matcha (green tea) production.

Upon arriving in Nishio, Mio first visited Nishio Castle. Although much of the original castle was destroyed, the reconstructed sections and remaining stone walls give a glimpse into its past grandeur. The castle grounds, with their beautiful gardens, provided Mio with a peaceful start to her exploration.

Next, Mio walked through the historical district of Nishio. She admired the well-preserved merchant houses and tea houses, which showcased the city’s rich history. A highlight was visiting a traditional tea house where she learned about Nishio’s famous matcha production and enjoyed a freshly brewed cup. Nishio is renowned for its high-quality matcha, which is considered some of the best in Japan.

Mio also visited the Iwase Bunko Library, which houses a vast collection of rare books and historical documents. The library’s beautiful architecture and serene environment made it a perfect place for Mio to delve into the city’s cultural heritage.

During her visit, Mio discovered that Nishio hosts an annual Matcha Festival, celebrating the city’s tea culture. The festival features tea ceremonies, matcha tasting, and various activities related to green tea. Mio was fortunate to attend the festival, where she experienced the vibrant atmosphere and deep appreciation for matcha among the locals.

Throughout her visit, Mio was captivated by Nishio’s blend of historical and cultural richness. The preserved streets, historical sites, local traditions, and the famous matcha offered her new inspiration for her artistic endeavors.

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