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Mio’s next journey took her to Kamo City, known as the “Little Kyoto” of Niigata Prefecture. Kamo City is famous for its historical buildings and beautiful natural scenery.

Upon arriving in Kamo City, Mio first visited Kamo Yama Park. This park is known for its beautiful gardens and historical buildings, offering stunning views in every season. She was especially captivated by the cherry blossoms in spring, which attract many visitors. As she strolled through the park, she marveled at the natural beauty of Kamo City.

Next, Mio visited the Kamo City Folk Museum. This museum showcases the traditional lifestyles and customs of the local people. Through the exhibits, Mio learned about the history and culture of the residents, deepening her understanding of their way of life.

Mio also explored the historical streets of Kamo City. Walking through the streets lined with old houses and traditional buildings, she imagined life during the Edo and Meiji periods. She was particularly impressed by the well-preserved Nakamura Residence, admiring its history and beautiful architecture.

Additionally, Mio learned about the local festivals and events in Kamo City. One highlight is the Kamo River Fireworks Festival held every summer, attracting many tourists. Mio was excited by the vibrant fireworks and the lively atmosphere of the community.

Throughout her visit, Mio was touched by the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of Kamo City. The town’s traditions and picturesque scenery left a lasting impression on her. This journey deepened her appreciation for Japan’s culture and history, inspiring her future artistic projects.

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