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Mio’s next journey took her to Kanazawa City, often referred to as the “Little Kyoto of Hokuriku,” although locals don’t prefer this term.

Upon arriving in Kanazawa, Mio first visited Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan’s three most beautiful gardens. The garden offers stunning views in every season, especially in spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. As she strolled through the expansive garden, she was deeply moved by its serene beauty.

Next, Mio visited Kanazawa Castle. This historical castle played a significant role in the region and still stands majestically today. Touring the castle, she learned about Kanazawa’s history and the influence of the Maeda family.

Mio also explored the traditional teahouse districts of Higashi Chaya, Nishi Chaya, and Kazue-machi Chaya. These areas retain the charm of old Japan with their wooden buildings and narrow streets. Walking through these picturesque districts, she imagined life in the past and appreciated the cultural heritage.

Additionally, Mio delved into Kanazawa’s traditional crafts. She visited workshops for Kanazawa lacquerware, Kutani porcelain, and Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing. Observing the intricate crafting processes, she was impressed by the high level of skill and artistry involved.

Throughout her visit, Mio was captivated by Kanazawa’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. The town’s heritage and picturesque scenery left a lasting impression on her. This journey deepened her understanding of Japanese culture and history, inspiring her future artistic projects.

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