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Exploring Aomori with Mio


  1. Hirosaki Castle and Cherry Blossom Festival:
    Mio visited Hirosaki Castle in spring and was amazed by the beautiful cherry blossoms. The Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival is famous, and the combination of the castle and the blossoms was breathtaking. “Walking through the cherry blossom tunnel feels like a dream,” she said.
  2. Hirosaki Neputa Festival:
    In summer, Mio experienced the Hirosaki Neputa Festival. She was impressed by the giant lantern floats parading through the streets. “The illuminated floats at night are spectacular,” she noted.
  3. Hirosaki Park:
    Mio enjoyed Hirosaki Park in all seasons, admiring the autumn foliage and winter snow scenes. “It’s a place of beauty throughout the year,” she commented.

Aomori City

  1. Nebuta Festival:
    In Aomori City, Mio attended the Nebuta Festival, watching the large, colorful floats parade through the city. “The energetic dancing and drumming are amazing,” she exclaimed.
  2. Aomori Gyosai Center:
    At Aomori Gyosai Center, Mio enjoyed fresh seafood. She particularly loved making her own seafood bowl at the “Nokke Don” stalls. “It’s fun to create your own custom bowl,” she smiled.
  3. Aomori Museum of Art:
    Mio visited the Aomori Museum of Art and appreciated the works of local artists. She was especially impressed by Yoshitomo Nara’s giant dog sculpture. “Art is a great way to refresh the mind,” she reflected.

Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge

  1. Lake Towada:
    Mio took a cruise on Lake Towada, enjoying the stunning scenery. “The calm waters of the lake are so peaceful,” she said.
  2. Oirase Gorge:
    Mio hiked through Oirase Gorge, marveling at the clear streams and lush greenery. The autumn foliage was particularly beautiful. “It’s a perfect place to reconnect with nature,” she remarked.
  3. Ishigedo Falls:
    At Ishigedo Falls in Oirase Gorge, Mio enjoyed the sound of the water and the beautiful surroundings. “The sound of the falls is very soothing,” she noted.

Shimokita Peninsula

  1. Mount Osore (Osorezan):
    Mio visited Mount Osore, known for its unique landscape and historical significance. The barren, volcanic scenery and hot springs were fascinating. “Mount Osore’s landscape is unlike any other place,” she observed.
  2. Cape Shiriyazaki:
    At Cape Shiriyazaki, Mio admired the beautiful coastline and lighthouse. She was especially thrilled to see the wild horses (Kandachime) roaming the area. “The combination of the sea and horses is picturesque,” she said.
  3. Hotokegaura:
    Mio explored the stunning rock formations of Hotokegaura and was awestruck by the scenery. “Nature’s beauty here is truly impressive,” she stated.

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