Hokkaido 3

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Exploring More of Hokkaido with Mio


  1. Asahiyama Zoo:
    Mio visited Asahiyama Zoo, famous for its interactive exhibits. She loved watching the penguins swim overhead in the underwater tunnel. “It’s amazing to see animals so close!” she said.
  2. Snow Crystal Museum:
    The Snow Crystal Museum enchanted Mio with its beautiful ice sculptures and intricate snowflakes. “It feels like stepping into a winter wonderland,” she thought.
  3. Ramen Village:
    In Asahikawa, Mio enjoyed tasting different kinds of ramen at Ramen Village, famous for its rich soy-based broth. “Each shop has its own unique flavor!” she noted.

Furano and Biei

  1. Lavender Fields in Furano:
    Mio visited Furano in summer to see the vibrant lavender fields. The scent and color were breathtaking. “It’s like a purple sea,” she described.
  2. Shikisai no Oka:
    In Biei, Mio wandered through the colorful flower fields of Shikisai no Oka. She took a tractor ride to see the expansive landscapes. “The colors are so vivid and beautiful,” she admired.
  3. Blue Pond:
    The mysterious Blue Pond in Biei captivated Mio with its striking turquoise color. “It’s like looking into a magical world,” she marveled.


  1. Jigokudani (Hell Valley):
    Mio explored Hell Valley in Noboribetsu, where volcanic activity creates a dramatic landscape with steaming vents and hot springs. “It’s both eerie and fascinating,” she remarked.
  2. Noboribetsu Onsen:
    After a day of exploration, Mio relaxed in the hot springs of Noboribetsu Onsen. The soothing waters helped her unwind. “This is the perfect way to end the day,” she sighed contentedly.
  3. Noboribetsu Bear Park:
    Mio visited the Bear Park, where she learned about Hokkaido’s native brown bears. She enjoyed feeding the bears and watching them play. “They’re so big but seem gentle,” she observed.


  1. Abashiri Prison Museum:
    Mio toured the Abashiri Prison Museum, learning about the harsh conditions faced by prisoners in the past. “It’s a sobering glimpse into history,” she reflected.
  2. Okhotsk Drift Ice:
    In winter, Mio took an icebreaker cruise to see the drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk. The sight of the vast ice fields was awe-inspiring. “It’s like being in a frozen world,” she exclaimed.
  3. Abashiri Beer:
    To warm up, Mio tried local craft beer at Abashiri Beer Brewery. She particularly enjoyed the unique blue beer made with drift ice water. “It’s refreshing and unique,” she noted.

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