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Exploring Yamagata with Mio

Yamagata City

  1. Hanagasa Festival:
    Mio visited Yamagata City during the Hanagasa Festival. She was impressed by the energetic dancers holding flower hats. “The dance with the flower hats is so lively and beautiful,” she said.
  2. Yamadera (Risshakuji Temple):
    Mio climbed over a thousand steps to reach the top of Yamadera. The view from the top was stunning. “It was worth the climb,” she remarked. She also enjoyed the autumn leaves, saying, “The scenery is beautiful in every season.”
  3. Zao Onsen:
    Mio relaxed at Zao Onsen in Yamagata City. In winter, she also enjoyed skiing. “Relaxing in the hot springs is the perfect way to refresh,” she commented.

Tsuruoka City

  1. Dewa Sanzan:
    Mio explored Dewa Sanzan, visiting Mount Haguro, Mount Gassan, and Mount Yudono. She was moved by the mystical atmosphere of each mountain. “This place is a unique blend of nature and history,” she said.
  2. Kamo Aquarium:
    At Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka City, Mio was amazed by the world’s largest jellyfish display. “The jellyfish are so mesmerizing,” she noted.
  3. Shonai Movie Village:
    Mio toured the Shonai Movie Village, seeing film sets and learning about movie production. “It feels like stepping into a movie world,” she said.

Sakata City

  1. Sankyo Soko (Sankyo Warehouses):
    In Sakata City, Mio visited the historic Sankyo Soko, a group of rice warehouses. “It’s a place where history meets the present,” she observed.
  2. Homma Museum of Art:
    Mio enjoyed the beautiful Japanese garden and art collection at the Homma Museum of Art. “It’s a peaceful place to enjoy art,” she commented.
  3. Sakata Port:
    Mio enjoyed fresh seafood at Sakata Port. “The local seafood is so fresh and delicious,” she exclaimed.

Yonezawa City

  1. Uesugi Shrine:
    Mio visited Uesugi Shrine in Yonezawa City and learned about the history of the samurai warrior Uesugi Kenshin. “It’s a valuable place to connect with history,” she noted.
  2. Yonezawa Beef:
    Mio savored the famous Yonezawa beef in Yonezawa City. “The tender and juicy Yonezawa beef is exceptional,” she said.
  3. Matsugasaki Park:
    Mio strolled through Matsugasaki Park, enjoying the beautiful garden and historical buildings. “It’s a tranquil place to relax,” she remarked.

Tendo City

  1. Tendo Onsen:
    In Tendo City, Mio relaxed at Tendo Onsen. She also enjoyed sweets shaped like shogi pieces after her bath. “Soaking in the hot springs in the city of shogi is a unique experience,” she commented.
  2. Tendo Park:
    Mio enjoyed cherry blossom viewing at Tendo Park, a famous spot for cherry blossoms. “Walking under the cherry blossom tunnel is truly wonderful,” she said.
  3. Tendo Shogi Museum:
    At the Tendo Shogi Museum, Mio learned about the history of shogi and how the pieces are made. “It’s fascinating to learn about the depth of shogi,” she remarked.
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