Hokkaido 4

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Exploring More of Hokkaido with Mio


  1. Kushiro Shitsugen National Park:
    Mio visited this national park, known for its vast wetlands and unique wildlife. She enjoyed spotting Japanese cranes. “The cranes are so graceful and beautiful,” she said.
  2. Kushiro Washo Market:
    At Washo Market, Mio sampled fresh seafood and created her own rice bowl with various toppings. “It’s fun to pick and choose your favorite seafood,” she noted.
  3. Lake Akan:
    Mio took a boat tour on Lake Akan, famous for its marimo (spherical green algae). She found the marimo fascinating. “They look like little green balls of moss,” she observed.

Shiretoko Peninsula

  1. Shiretoko National Park:
    Mio explored this UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its untouched nature. She hiked through forests and saw beautiful waterfalls. “The scenery is breathtaking,” she said.
  2. Shiretoko Five Lakes:
    Mio walked the trails around the Shiretoko Five Lakes, enjoying the serene atmosphere. “Each lake has its own charm,” she remarked.
  3. Wildlife Watching:
    On a guided tour, Mio spotted bears, deer, and foxes in their natural habitat. “It’s amazing to see these animals up close in the wild,” she exclaimed.


  1. Sounkyo Gorge:
    Mio explored the dramatic Sounkyo Gorge, known for its stunning cliffs and waterfalls. She especially loved the Ginga and Ryusei Waterfalls. “The twin waterfalls are so majestic,” she admired.
  2. Mt. Kurodake:
    Taking a ropeway and chairlift, Mio reached near the summit of Mt. Kurodake. The panoramic views were stunning. “You can see for miles around,” she noted.
  3. Sounkyo Onsen:
    After her adventures, Mio relaxed in the hot springs of Sounkyo Onsen. The warm waters soothed her tired muscles. “A perfect end to an exciting day,” she said.

Lake Toya

  1. Lake Toya:
    Mio enjoyed a scenic boat ride on Lake Toya, a caldera lake with crystal-clear waters. “The lake is so peaceful and beautiful,” she said.
  2. Mount Usu:
    Mio took a ropeway to the top of Mount Usu, an active volcano. The view of the crater and the surrounding landscape was impressive. “It’s fascinating to see an active volcano up close,” she remarked.
  3. Toyako Onsen:
    Mio relaxed in the hot springs at Toyako Onsen, enjoying the view of the lake. “Soaking in the hot springs with a lake view is incredibly relaxing,” she noted.

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