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How This Book Was Made

This book was created using WordPress. We asked ChatGPT for ideas on what to introduce about Japan to people overseas. ChatGPT gave us specific ideas, which we wrote in Japanese. We checked everything online for accuracy and made corrections as needed. Next, we translated the text into simple, easy-to-understand English. Finally, we used DALL-E to create AI images based on the text. According to OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and DALL-E, the works generated by these tools belong to the person who generated them. This is how this book was made.

On our WordPress site,, you can listen to all the English text with automatic voice. You can also use recent browsers to automatically translate the text into any language. Please visit our website along with reading this book.

Discover Japan’s Natural Beauty

Since around 2023, COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, leading to a surge in foreign visitors to Japan. Famous tourist spots are now facing issues of overtourism, causing social problems. However, there are still many attractive places in Japan waiting to be discovered.

Japan is rich in natural beauty, with numerous scenic spots featuring mountains, rivers, and more. It offers excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking. This book introduces many of these hidden gems, showcasing the lesser-known but equally stunning destinations.

Explore the natural wonders of Japan and discover new places to visit, away from the crowded tourist spots. Enjoy the tranquility and breathtaking scenery that Japan has to offer.

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