Autumn in Kyoto

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Touching a Millennium of History

Embracing the experiences of summer in Tokyo, Mio welcomed autumn by choosing the historic city of Kyoto as her next destination. Autumn in Kyoto is a season where the beauty of the ancient capital stands out, adorned with fall foliage.

Her first visit was to Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion). The sight of the golden structure surrounded by autumn leaves took her breath away. The coexistence of historical and natural beauty at this place felt like a symbol of Japan’s beauty to Mio.

Next, she explored the temples and shrines that form the heart of Kyoto. The view from Kiyomizu-dera is famous for offering a panorama through the seasons, and from there, Mio took in the cityscape of Kyoto. The autumn breeze carried the city’s history, deeply imprinting it on her heart.

Mio also sought to experience Kyoto’s traditional culture and participated in a tea ceremony. The tranquility of the tea room and the flavor of a bowl of tea taught her introspection and spirituality, aiding her understanding of Japanese aesthetics and cultural depth.

Time spent in autumnal Kyoto was an opportunity for Mio to feel the significance of Japan’s long history and its vibrant culture that continues to this day. The atmosphere and serene beauty of the ancient capital left an everlasting imprint on her heart, inspiring her for the journeys to come.

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