Spring in Nara

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Breath of the Ancient Capital

With the thawing snow of Nagano, Mio sought spring again, traveling to Nara, a city with a cultural heritage that dates back over a thousand years. In Nara Park, playing with the deer, Mio sensed the arrival of spring. The deer, symbols of Nara, provided her an experience of harmony with nature. She visited Todai-ji and Kasuga-taisha within the park, feeling the historical breath from these ancient structures.

Mio also took an interest in Nara’s traditional crafts, learning the painting technique known as Nara-e. She received direct instruction from local artisans, touching upon the unique art style that shapes Nara’s culture.

On a spring night, she strolled through the old streets of Nara, where the cobblestones lit by street lamps created a fantastical atmosphere. Its tranquility and beauty left a deep impression on her heart, renewing her appreciation for Nara’s rich history and culture.

Her experience in springtime Nara was a journey of reaffirming the beauty of Japan’s history and nature. Feeling the breath of the ancient capital and touching Nara’s culture and art deepened her understanding and passion for her art.

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