Winter in Okinawa

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Warm Light and Cultural Fusion

Escaping the cold winter, Mio headed to Okinawa, known for its warm climate and unique culture, where warm light welcomes visitors even in winter.

Arriving in Naha, Mio started her visit at Shuri Castle. The red-tiled buildings, reminiscent of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s history, and the beautiful gardens made a deep impression on her. The view of Naha city from Shuri Castle symbolized the fusion of history and modernity in Okinawa.

Mio also wanted to experience Okinawa’s traditional culture, so she watched traditional Ryukyu dances. She was captivated by the elegance of the dance and the history and stories of Ryukyu it conveyed.

The nature of Okinawa also attracted Mio. The view of the beautiful sea and white sandy beaches demonstrated the charm of warm Okinawa even in winter. She took a walk along the beach, enchanted by the beauty of the blue sky and sea.

Through this journey, Mio experienced the warm light and rich culture of Okinawa, feeling the vibrant life of the island despite the winter season. The historical sites and natural beauty of Okinawa provided her with new inspiration and deepened her love and passion for art.

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