Spring in Fukuoka

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The Vitality of the Port Town and Culinary Exploration

Welcoming the warm sunshine of spring, Mio visited Fukuoka, the gateway to Kyushu. Fukuoka is a vibrant port town where old history and modern vitality coexist.

Mio began her visit in Fukuoka’s iconic area, Hakata. Walking through the bustling streets around Hakata Station, she felt the city’s energy and diversity. Visiting ancient temples and shrines told the story of Hakata’s history, touching the depth of culture developed over centuries.

Culinary exploration was a significant part of the journey, and Mio enjoyed local delicacies, including Hakata ramen. The lively ramen shops and their flavorful dishes allowed her to glimpse the life and passion for food of the Hakata people.

Strolling along the seaside of Fukuoka, Mio visited Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, where plum blossoms were in full bloom. Known as a place of learning, it welcomed her with beautiful scenes announcing the arrival of spring.

Time spent in springtime Fukuoka was a journey of discovering new culture and cuisine for Mio. The vitality of the port town and the warm lives of its people imprinted new impressions on her heart, providing inspiration for her future travels.

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