Spring in Hokkaido

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A Journey of Cherry Blossoms and Exploration

As the warmth of spring enveloped the Japanese archipelago, Mio decided to embark on a journey to Hokkaido. Her goal was to witness the spring landscapes woven by the northern land and explore the diversity of Japan’s nature and culture.

Upon arriving in Sapporo, Mio first visited Maruyama Park, where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, gently coloring the faces of visitors. Resting under a cherry tree, she watched the petals dance in the wind, feeling the crisp freshness of spring in Hokkaido.

Next, her interest was drawn to Ainu culture. Visiting the Ainu Folk Museum, she learned about the lives, traditions, and crafts of the Ainu people. She was impressed by their intricate handiwork and deep bond with nature, touched by the uniqueness and beauty of their culture.

Through the spring of Hokkaido, Mio found joy in new discoveries and encounters, enriching her journey and art with meaningful experiences. The knowledge and emotions gained at the beginning of her trip were deeply etched in her heart, nourishing her for the journey ahead.

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