Winter in Nagano

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Healing with Snow and Hot Springs

Leaving autumnal Kyoto behind, Mio next sought the charm of winter, heading to Nagano Prefecture, known for its abundant nature and long-standing hot spring culture, emitting a special allure in winter.

Her first stop was the famous ski resort, Hakuba Village. Gliding down the snow-covered slopes, she experienced the fun and excitement of winter sports. At night, the resort illuminated by snow presented a magical view.

Next, Mio went to Karuizawa to enjoy hot springs. Amidst the quiet streets and natural beauty of Karuizawa, she forgot the daily bustle and spent time relaxing both physically and mentally. The snowscape visible from the hot springs richly reflected the winter ambiance of Japan.

Mio also sought to experience the traditions and culture of Nagano, visiting Zenko-ji Temple. Experiencing the solemn atmosphere and depth of history at Zenko-ji, she gained a deeper understanding of Japan’s religious background and spirituality.

Her experiences in winter Nagano provided Mio with healing and new discoveries. The adventures in nature and the warmth of the hot springs added new colors to her memories of the journey, heightening her anticipation for the next seasonal adventure.

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